A morning at HillyFields plus Tizzy worries about the encounter with Pluto

Kev after 100 parkruns

HILLY FIELDS parkrun – 24 January

I visited Hilly Fields parkrun this Saturday, the tyro photographer and reporter.

Today was the B course due to course conditions, the big hill comes into its own. Slightly injured it was the C course for me. Walking around taking pictures and trying, yes trying, to write my first Twitter Blog.

A lot went on a glorious morning.

A talk by Martin Bullock from the London Ambulance Service about the defibrillator. Great news, and good work by Siggy.

Kevin Chadwick ran his 100th parkrun in 20:03. Great job Kevin with the Peckham Rye parkrun.

Em broke the 30:00 barrier. Well done Em, great dedication and hard work.

The volunteers managed 168 runners. John Barron (99 parkruns) at the top of the hill seemed to know everyone and certainly encouraged well. The Run Director was Sally who ran a seamless operation (despite falling down some stairs in Lewisham the day before).

I have been to several parkruns (all wonderful too)  but I love coming to Hilly Fields almost every week.

P1010316 - Copy
Wow, hard run Roni
John B marshals the hill
P1010312 - Copy
Bar code on shoe
Down the hill at speed
Martin from LAS talks about the defibrillator
Tizzy ponders the encounter with Pluto
Sally the Run Director

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