parkrun volunteers- don’t you just love them?

 A few months ago at Hilly Fields parkrun I first heard the term ‘voluncheers’. Not sure who first used it but it could well have been Em M.(@runningfasterEm). I remember Em cheering me up the hill at Hilly Fields on my first visit. ‘You can do it’.

Feeling like some gentle writing (it is raining hard as I write) I thought some pictures from Hilly Fields parkrun and Lullingstone parkrun would fit the bill.

Over the last few months I have been taking pictures, sometimes even when running at my 12.33 minute per mile pace.

So as a tribute to all the volunteers that keep parkrun going here are some of them –

Hilly Fields parkrun

Adele and Em – Run Directors
Simon – volunteers often but rarely runs pr


Sally a Run Director
John so enthuastic and inspiring


Siggy -loves cheering people up the hill
Stephen – Event Director & Ultra Runner
Sarah and Lisa
HF volunteers at the 2014 London M
On holiday at the Brighton Half Marathon

 Lullingstone parkrun


I should have volunteered?
Cat Woods – a Run Director


Robin -‘voluncheer’ at top of the hill




Walking to their posts
Sally-Ann at Spaghetti Junction
Bryan. “I had to stop twice for a poo”. “FOR THE DOG”.
P1010589 - Copy
Giles – Event Director signs off

Elsie my big brother’s car

Was rescued by the AA a few days ago after a broken crankshaft made her expire on the A21. Thank you everybody for all the cards and letters. She  is being repaired and will be soon out and about again. She doesn’t fancy the hills at HF and Lullingstone though but could be a cake transporter?

Elsie named after a pub in Cowden.

The future

it has only been going a few months but Hilly Fields junior parkrun is attracting over 100 kids every Sunday.

No pictures of HF junior parkrun as the kids come along so fast there is no time to film them  Especially if you are trying to stop them cutting the corner.


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